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Politicians, mainstream media, and big tech have let down the American people in many ways.


They have repeatedly lied with zero accountability and drove people to be more divided than ever. 


Rather than divide, let's come together in honest and meaningful conversation to better hear and understand each other to create a more positive future!

Lies have become truth and truth has become forbidden.  

 Systemically Distorted Communication addresses the dishonest hypocritical behavior within the political landscape and the social issues plaguing the United States. I hope to shed a more honest light on these conversations to bridge the divide between people. Systemically Distorted Communication will be a mix of solo commentary and guests who both share and oppose my ideas and perspectives.


As a new podcaster, I had no idea how much time and money actually goes into getting things right. But I would love to continue podcasting and maybe one day, it will generate income that will allow me to put even more time into it. 

I set up a Buy me a Coffee (Pizza) account. I do not expect anyone to contribute, however, if you have a spare dollar, two, three, or maybe even 4, you are welcome to send it my way as a one off, or as a monthly contribution. 

As of now, I can only offer members a Systemically Distorted Communication sticker, BUT in the near future I plan to have shirts for those who sign up as a Super Distorted member!


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